Day 1.
Thursday, 27 October 2016

PPP & Financing Stream: Session I: European Fund for Strategic Investment: Delivering Stage & Increasing Investment Potential

13:00 - 14:15
Crowne Plaza, Bratislava
Since the European Investment Plan was presented, conditions for an uptake in investment have improved and confidence in Europe´s investment potential is returning. The Plan´s first pillar, the European Fund for Strategic Investments is on the right track to attain its ultimate objective of mobilizing 315 billion of investment. The investment impact is the strongest in the SME sector, where EFSI is delivering well beyond expectations. What stands behind the success of the EFSI’s SME sector and how can we replicate it elsewhere? Despite the success, there is a general concern that additionality in projects financed by EFSI has not been fully addressed. What can be done to strengthen additionality in the selection of projects? How can the identification and financing of cross-border projects be improved? Furthermore, has the potential for cooperation with private sector been utilized to a full extent? Third pillar of the investment plan – improving the investment environment – is an equally important part of the solution to Europe’s investment gap. How can we improve the implementation record of structural reforms to reduce investment barriers?