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Matthew C.


President; Teaching Associate


MacWilliams Sanders Communication; University of Massachusetts, Washington, D.C
Dr. Matthew C. MacWilliams is from the University of Massachusetts Amherst.  His dissertation on the racial dimensions of American authoritarianism led him to examine whether Donald Trump’s message and manner were activating authoritarian voters. His articles on Trumpism have appeared in Politico, VOX, and the London School of Economics blog and have been cited by media around the world including The New York Times, Der Spiegel, and NPR. The Amherst College Press, Praeger Publishing, and PS: Political Science and Politics have also published peer-reviewed articles of his work on the authoritarian locus of Trumpism.
Dr. MacWilliams research interests include authoritarianism and race, electoral campaigns, public opinion, political psychology, legacy and social media, election forecasting, the politics of climate change and health care reform, and interest group lobbying of the judiciary. Presently, he is studying the implications of the constant threat of domestic and international terrorism and immigration on American authoritarians and Madisonian democracy. He is also examining the rise of authoritarianism in Europe.