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D-Part Think Tank, Berlin
Dr Jan Eichhorn is a lecturer in Social Policy at the University of Edinburgh and research director of the German think tank d|part.
His research is focussed on political participation and culture and is often based on in-depth studies of mass public attitudes. Jan has done extensive work on UK constitutional change in the context of the Scottish independence referendum and subsequent developments across the United Kingdom. All of his projects had a strong focus on public engagement and the development of briefings for policy makers, in particular in his collaborative research on the reduction of the voting age to 16 in Scotland.
For the recent EU referendum he led a study examining attitudes to the processes in the UK in other member states of the European Union to assess possible knock-on effects. This work now continues in a project commissioned by UK think tank DEMOS in which Jan and a d|part team develop an in-depth case study into Germany and the dissonances between masses and elites in their views on the EU and Germany’s role within.