Grand Hotel River Park Bratislava ★★★★★
Address: Dvořákovo nábrežie 6, 811 02 Bratislava, Slovakia
GPS coordinates: 48.14124, 17.09156
Whole main programme will be held within the premises of the Grand Hotel River Park Bratislava.
After your arrival, our colleagues will be happy to register you at the Media Registration and Information Desk situated in the lobby of the Grand Hotel River Park. You will be provided with a conference badge, final programme and a printed MEDIA KIT with all other materials.
Our colleagues at the Registration Desk will be at your disposal from early morning to late evening during the Summit and will be happy to help you with any questions or inquiries you might have.
Opening hours:
Friday, 28 October 20                  9:00-18:00
Saturday, 29 October 2016        8:00-18:00
Sunday, 30 October 2016           8:00-12:00
For the convenience of the accredited journalists, our Media Centre will be at disposal on the premises of the Grand Hotel River Park Bratislava. The following equipment will be available for your use in the Tatra Summit Media Centre:
  • Listening area and livestreaming of the conference
  • Working tables
  • Internet Connection (wireless Internet connection will be provided on the premises of the Grand Hotel and the Media Centre)
  • Limited number of access points for cameras and audio signals (upon request)
  • Headphones for interpretation
Please note that the Media Centre will NOT provide any personal computers, telephones, tablets or any other devices or accessories.
Please note that media representatives do not have access to some areas of the Grand Hotel, especially into the main conference room (Maria Theresia Ballroom), which is primarily reserved for speakers and other participants due to capacity reasons.
Therefore, for the comfort of all media representative, the Media Centre and additional listening areas and live streaming at the Grand Hotel, including cafeterias, restaurants and lobby, will be at disposal.
  • Media representatives will have access to the area of:
  • Media Centre
  • Lobby of the Grand Hotel – ground floor
  • The premises of the Investment Forum at the Crowne Plaza Hotel (after registration)
Photo shooting of the main conference programme will be permitted only 10 minutes before the start of the panel/session/debate and in times organisers assigned for these purposes. Please note that all media interested in photo/video shooting in the Main Conference Room before the following sessions/panels/debates are requested to meet 15 minutes before the panel at the Media Registration and Information Desk. They will be accompanied by the organisers from the Media Team to the Main Conference Room and then, immediately after the start of the session, requested to leave the room.
The panels will be specified shortly.
A photo archive will be available via our FTP server (more details will be available in Technical Information for Media provided as a part of Media Kit/App). The output will be updated after each panel. GLOBSEC allows free use of these materials, however our Acknowledgement Policy applies.
You will be informed in advance about the time and place of your interviews arranged according to your preferences. Our Media Team will assist you with the coordination of your pre-arranged interviews directly on the ground.
The meeting point for all journalists before the interviews is the Media Registration and Information Desk. Please make sure to come to the meeting point 10 minutes before your scheduled interview. A member of the Media Team will be waiting for you and will accompany you to the speaker/guest.
The organisers will host a number of coffee breaks in between the panel discussions. Permanent coffee stations will be at your disposal in the lobby of the Grand Hotel for the whole duration of the conference. Lunches for all participants will be served on Saturday 29 October and Sunday 30 October in River Bank Restaurant on the ground floor. You can find more information in your conference package. Please note that the organisers cover only meals and beverages mentioned above.  
Since the GLOBSEC Tatra Summit is attracting high number of participants, naturally, this creates increased pressure on the capacity of the conference hall. Therefore, for the comfort of all participants, we have prepared additional listening rooms and live streaming at the Grand Hotel, including the cafeterias, restaurants and lobby. These premises will be equipped with LCDs, furnished with comfortable sofas and refreshments outside the main conference room. Thus, several premises of the Grand Hotel will be at the disposal for participants to allow everyone to enjoy the whole Summit. The placement of LCD screens will be indicated in your conference package.
In order to preserve the nature, we have decided to go green this year. Therefore, instead of the Conference Brochure all participants will have the possibility to download the GLOBSEC Tatra Summit mobile application powered by SpotMe. The app will allow you to view the detailed programme as well as the list of confirmed speakers, share your feedback, send messages to other participants, exchange electronic business cards and much more. The app will also be used interactively for voting and posing questions during most of the debates. You will be able to download the GLOBSEC Tatra Summit app via our upcoming email invitation as well as at the Registration Desk in the Grand Hotel upon your arrival.
Please note that Slovakia is one of the countries observing Daylight Saving Time. This year, the time will change on Saturday 30 October at 3 am. If your mobile phone does not support the automatic time change, we kindly advise you to rewind your clock to Standard Time manually.
Our mobility partner Liftago provides all GLOBSEC Tatra Summit participants with the possibility to use Liftago taxi service during the conference up to 15 EUR for free. In order to do so, you can open or download mobile application Liftago, enter credit card details and use following promo code:
  • 10GTS16 – free ride up to 10 EUR
  • 5GTS16 – free ride up to 5 EUR
For more information about this possibility, you can visit Liftago information desk situated in the lobby of the Grand Hotel.
The security of our guests is of paramount importance to the organisers. Therefore, we kindly ask you to wear your badge at all times when attending GLOBSEC Tatra Summit and its side events. Access to the conference floor will only be permitted to those wearing their badge provided by the organisers at the Registration Desk. Please note that the badge is non-transferable and any violation of this policy may result in immediate revoking of participation in the conference. We also ask for your patience and understanding if and when subjected to a security check upon your arrival to the conference venue. In case of any emergency please inform the nearest organising team member.
Andrea Baloghová
+421 948 051 285
Henrieta Kunová
+421 911 755 364